Diary in English7/13-14


I spent 2 days with my mother and a sister in Minoh. 
We visited the Oedo Onsen (hot spring). We ate delicious foods (all you can eat!), got into a hot spring, enjoyed Taishū engeki and went to see a great waterfall. 

It took about 40min to get to the waterfall of Minoh from the inn where we stayed. It was hot and humid, so we felt a little tired. But the waterfall was beautiful! 
Minoh is a city in Osaka, but I cant believe there is such a beautiful place surrounded by nature in Osaka. 
We usually can see monkeys in Minoh, but I couldnt see them then. I wanted to see monkeys… 
On the way to the waterfall, we saw many hydrangeas. They were also beautiful. 
I want to visit there again and to see monkeys next time!


Thank you for your correction Max on italki!